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A Photoshoot With a Leaf Insect

When we think about it, everyone does everything for survival. Job, family, house, car, food .. those are just facts that ensure the survival. Those may provide comfort happiness and anything else, but when you think about it, it is just all about survival. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains this well. 

Nature has always had everything perfectly balanced in a complex system. Nature’s designer must have an ultra super brain to be able to plan everything from a tiny bacteria to a huge elephant’s organism perfectly.

Nature in Digital Eye Srilanka img_20160609_131854Today I had the chance to take some pictures of a leaf insect and observe it closely. It was able to take some photos as it was just hanging on to a plant and didn’t seem to be afraid of me. 

Those tiny feathers are identical to actual tree leaves. They mimic the tree leaf as a survival strategy. I remembered the science lesson about them at grade 6. My teacher bought an alive leaf insect in a bottle for us to observe and there was a small branch of a Guava tree for the insect to eat as well as for us to compare the resemblance of the features with the leaves. It was one of those things that had me astonished as a kid and I went home wondering if my teacher will be able to send the insect back to its family.

Another marvel of nature!

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