FILE3073.JPGHorton Plains is a spectacular piece of nature, a world heritage site, a could forest located in central highlands of Sri Lanka (at an altitude of at an altitude of 6,900–7,500 ft). Horton Plains was declared as a national park in 1988 due to the rich tourist attraction and valuable biodiversity. Many species found here are endemic to the region.The World’s End and Baker’s Falls are among many of the tourist attractions of the park. This plains is a home to sambar moose and many other endemic species. Horton Plains is the only park where you are allowed to walk freely without a guide. Vehicles are not allowed inside the park nor polyethylene and plastic products. Read More…

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  1. Thank you for visiting the blog Laura.. Yes this place is such a beautiful place away from man-build concrete jungles.. I have updated more pictures of the waterfall – the Bakers falls..

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