Temple of The Sacred Tooth Relic – Kandy, Sri Lanka

 Temple of sacred tooth relic in Kandy, Sri Lanka is the most venerable temple among Buddhists in Sri Lanka and all around the world. The temple, which is a part of the king’s royal palace of Kandyan era. This is the house for sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Whoever owns the sacred tooth relic also inherits governance of the country.

The temple is located in the eye of Kandy city, which is a world heritage town and major tourist attraction. The city itself has a rich history and cultural, infrastructural and natural value. Centre of the city is decorated with a man-made lake in 1802 by the last king of Sri Lanka.

2 thoughts on “Temple of The Sacred Tooth Relic – Kandy, Sri Lanka

  1. Awesome! Loved the elephant clicks. I think you took these photos during pageant time, didn’t you? Because only then you can see this much of elephants here in the temple. Keep up the good work!

  2. A must visit place if you are visiting Sri Lanka. Basically, if you go to Sri Lanka and if you do NOT visit this place, it’s as good as you haven’t visited Sri Lanka at all 😀 Amazing Shots!!

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