Ravana Waterfall – Ramayan Trails in Sri Lanka

Ravana Waterfall – Ramayan Trails in Sri Lanka

Ramayan Trails in Sri Lanka

Ramayan is a famous epic story in India & Sri Lanka. It about a divine prince named Rama who came to Sri Lanka to rescue his abducted princess Seetha from the king who ruled Sri Lanka named Ravana.

The Ramayan was written by Valmiki, one of the most epic written literature in the world. The places in Sri Lanka this literature refers to are still carrying the names related to it.

There are many locations in the central highlands of Sri Lanka that Ramayan literature left imprints on.

Some places are now shrines such as Seetha Amman temple and Hanuman Temple in Kothmale. 

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There are many religious sites and geographical locations identified as possible connections with the famous Indian epic of the Ram-Ravana battle.

  • Ashok Vatika 
  • Ravana Falls, Ella
  • Ravana Cave, Ella
  • Seetha Amman Temple, Seetha Eliya
  • Hanuman Temple, Kothmale
  • Thotupala Mountain
  • Nuwara Eliya
  • Roomassala Mountain

Above are a few of many places which can be connected to the story.

As a history enthusiast, as a Sri Lankan, as a researcher of our roots, exploring Ramayan related locations in Sri Lanka is a quite interesting experience for me. I have visited many of these people, heard stories and studied researches and papers done on the subject. I had the chance to talk with people with different opinions about the story from both India as well as Sri Lanka.

While I continue to explore more and more facts to connect these dots one thing was very clear to me. Despite the argument whether Ramayan is a mythology or a history, it has built strong cultural and religious connection between India and Sri Lanka. 

This article is about the famous waterfall that connects some dots of the story. 

Ravana Falls is a famous waterfall in Sri Lanka, which named after the Sri Lankan king Ravana.

It is approximately 25m high and cascade into a large deep pool. It is a breath-taking beautiful waterfall with a huge water flow during the rainy season. During the dry season, the water of the fall decreases rapidly. These photos were taken during the dry season.

It is located in Ravana Ella wildlife sanctuary by the Ella-Wellawaya road. Usually, most of Srilankan waterfalls are hard to reach by vehicles and you need to walk steep pathways away from the main roads to see those beautiful waterfalls.  But it is interesting that this waterfall is located just by a transit route and therefore easily accessible. This beautiful waterfall is always surrounded by visitors. Everyone would stop their vehicles for a minutes or more to enjoy this amazing view before heading their way.

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It is believed that there is a hidden passage from Ashok Vatika to this waterfall. Which enabled the abducted princess to visit the waterfall with her guards. Explorers recently found a hidden water pond near this waterfall. They believe it is the “Nil Diya Pokuna” Blue Water Pond that she used to bath.


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