Weerawila Lake of Southern Province, LK

Weerawila Lake of Southern Province, LK

I love water. Ocean, rivers, lakes and waterfalls are my favourite places to be!

It was mid of March. I was on my way to the Southern province of the island.  The trip was an important one for me for more than one reason. I was going to meet an important client. More importantly, it was my first long distance drive since I got my first car. I had my mom and brother with me. So it was more like a family trip than a work trip. 

I have heard about the Weerawila lake and even been there once before. But that time it was at midnight and I was just passing by. I only remember the cold breeze of the lake as I drove past it. The road is built on the dam of the lake. It felt so peaceful and magical when I saw the lake for the first time. Have you ever tried driving fast near a lake or ocean? That cold breeze and the thrill of racing is one of a kind!

The road across the lake was peaceful and serene. There were a few other vehicles enjoying the view. I also pulled up and start capturing the scenic beauty from my phone. Nature is an amazing thing. It never ceases to amaze me!

“Nature is the best artist we have ever seen. Nobody and nothing can ever match up to the brilliance of nature’s marvels.”

Weerawila Lake

There were many cranes and other birds there beyond my phone camera lens can capture. I felt a deep connection with the mother nature when I was there. This lake would be an ideal resting place for anyone on this route. 

But it was sad to see that some visitors have left their garbage on the banks of the lake and I wish people would understand the consequences of their actions harm that they can bring by throwing away plastics and polythenes without proper disposal. 

Photo Facts:

Device: LG V10 Mobile Phone Camera, Manual Mode

Location: Weerawila Lake, Weerawila, Sri Lanka

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