Bridal Fall, Badulla Sri Lanka

Bridal Fall, Badulla Sri Lanka

Bridal Falls, also known as Dunhinda fall is considered to be one of the most enchanting falls in Sri Lanka and is in proximity to Badulla town. The water resembles a thin cloud as it cascades 63m downwards into a large pool. “Badulu Oya” river create this beautiful sight as it falls down the cliff. 

This waterfall is one of the main tourist attraction in Badulla town, Sri Lanka.

How to Reach:

This can be reached via Badulla-Mahiyangana road and you have to walk few miles through a walking path to reach there.

The waterfall, which is 64 metres (210 ft) high gets its name from the smoky dew drops spray, (Dun in Sinhala means mist or smoke) which surrounds the area at the foot of the waterfall. It’s also known as Bridal fall as the shape of the waterfall reflects a bridal veil. 

You can see another beautiful waterfall named “Mini Bridal Fall” on your way there.

Read more about mini bridal fall here.  


The device used for photos: BenQ DV M22

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