“A photograph conveys a sense of mystery and beauty of life & nature in a way no words can… It is a magic of preserving a moment or a scene forever.” 

Nature In Digital Eye” is a small effort to share the beauty of my surroundings with the world. 

I grew up in a beautiful rural village in the misty hills of Sri Lanka where I got to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature and learned to admire and protect mother earth.

I’m a native Srilankan, an amateur photographer or a hobbyist to be clear, who is madly in love with nature and it’s all aspects, ah and my camera. I like preserving the beauty of mother nature in a photograph and this blog is my memory box.

Scenic and nature photography has been my greatest passion since I was a kid. I remember the first ever photo I took when I was seven years old. I took a photo of my mother standing beside the great “Awkana” buddha statue and that day when I got to hold the camera I knew I was in love and that photography is going to be forever my hobby.

The passion towards Cameras and Photography runs in the family. My grandfather had a collection of old Large Format Field Camera, a Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex IIa Camera, an ANSCO Shur-Flash, a Yashica D-Twin, Wirgin Folding Camera and a Colorburst Instant Camera stacked on the top of his huge bookshelf. I heard great stories about how much he loved taking photos and I grew up saying I wanted to be a photographer.

But, life took another path which I happened to love but the catch was, I never get to study photography as a professional Skill. But as they say, there’s no age limit to learn a new skill, I will surely find my way back to my initial dream of becoming a professional photographer and will learn to dwell with light and lens.

However, my passion towards preserving the beauty of nature via camera lens never grew old. Since then, I used many cameras. Eventually, technology rapidly grew and mobile camera phones made preserving memories easy. As everyone else, I was in love with the benefits of these emerging new technologies.

I found myself exploring how far I can go with mobile photography and taking photos of every nice thing I see. I often go out to take photos of the beautiful mother nature.

On a side note, I love Web Designing as well as Blogging and WordPress. So, this “Nature in Digital Eye” blog is where I get to combine all those things I love to do. 

I started this blog when I was 20 years old. My journey with NIDE blog brought many opportunities. I met amazing people who adore nature. I got to meet very talented award-winning photographers and learn from them. I met amazing bloggers and hobbyists like myself who simply love and act towards preserving nature. Winning members choice award from Viewbug and connecting with all amazing photographers there was an important milestone for me.

I want to do what I can to protect it and preserve it. I know you do too. I often say, plant trees, don’t hurt or take away innocent animals and birds from their natural habitat, don’t waste water, food or energy.

Have you tried leaving a water basin out in your garden somewhere for birds and other animals to drink during drought and a food stand? Daily various birds and squirrels come to eat, drink and bath and play and I find absolute joy in watching them. It’s a wonderful feeling. I believe a small act can make a huge impact.

We want to do what we can to protect it and preserve it. Plant trees. Don’t hurt or take away innocent animals and birds from their natural habitat. Don’t waste water, food or energy. Leave a water basin out of your garden somewhere for birds and other animals to drink during drought and do much much more as you can. A small act can make a huge impact.

Hope you will enjoy Nature In Digital Eye and do what you can do to protect and preserve the mother nature  …….. 🙂


( Admin ~ Nature in Digital Eye)

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  1. Hello, C! Thank you so much for following The Write Edge Bookshelf. I hope you enjoy the reviews there and can find something new to read through them. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Wonderful pictures. I spent three weeks in Sri Lanka in 2015 and absolutely loved it (except for the traffic in Colombo 🙂 ) I hope to return someday. There are some pictures on my blog.

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