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A Note…

“A photograph conveys a sense of mystery and beauty of life & nature in a way no words can… It is a magic of preserving a moment or a scene forever.” – Quote by unknown source

“Nature In Digital Eye” is a small effort to share the beauty of our motherland with the world. A platform for those who capture amazing photos of beautiful Sri Lanka or make amazing videos to showcase the beauty they see, with the world.

Our journey with NIDE blog brought many opportunities. We met amazing people who adore nature. We met very talented award winning photographers and learned from them. We met amazing bloggers and hobbyists like ourselves who simply love and act towards preserving nature.

We want to do what we can to protect it and preserve it. We know you do too. Plant trees. Don’t hurt or take away innocent animals and birds from their natural habitat. Don’t  waste water, food or energy. Leave a water basin out of your garden somewhere for birds and other animals to drink during drought and do much much more as you can. A small act can make a huge impact.

Exploring all the possibilities of mobile photography while featuring Srilankan beauty are main focus behind this effort.

Hope you will enjoy Nature In Digital Eye and do what you can do to protect and preserve the mother nature  …….. 🙂

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Love, NIDE Team

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