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Who we are....

“Nature In Digital Eye” is a small effort to share the beauty of our mother nature while raising awareness. A platform to share the beauty of nature, and surrounding around us as hobbyist photographers as well as information on how to make a change to protect the planet earth.

Our journey with NIDE blog brought many opportunities. We met amazing people who adore nature and simply love and act towards preserving planet earth.

We want to do what we can to protect it and preserve it. We know you do too. Plant trees. Don’t hurt or take away innocent animals and birds from their natural habitat. Don’t waste water, food or energy. Leave a water basin out of your garden somewhere for birds and other animals to drink during drought and do much much more as you can.

Go green & adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

A small act can make a huge impact!

Hope you will enjoy Nature In Digital Eye and do what you can do to protect and preserve the mother nature!



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